To apply for one of the indoor VIP spots please see below.

If you are selected for a indoor spot you will have Full AAA VIP. Of course your car will be on display inside 1 of the VIP Halls plus you will have access to a separate camping/parking area and access to the WAGON UK VIP upper deck area over looking Hall 1.
We have some set rules for applying which are
1. The judges will not accepted any application that has 'project' or 'will be finished by the show'.
2. All selected cars must be in place in the hall before 9pm on Friday the 19th of August and must be in place till 4pm on Sunday 21st of August.
3.There will be a jet wash and wash area on Friday but all cars must be fully dry before going in the hall.
4. All applications will start to be considered from March so to save money we suggest you get an outdoor show car ticket now on the Early Bird price and if you are accepted we can transfer it over to your entry. As of February 5th ticket prices will increase.
There are 2 way to apply, you can send us a email to or fill out the form below.
If you do email we need 6 pictures including interior and exterior of the car and the spec.
Good Luck with your application.