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From Jay - 18/1/2023

Well after the first year we were looking forward to being back in 2023. After months of planning we got an answer last week that we did not expect.

Unfortunately, another event has seen what we have and decided to book the venue and copy our event. Now, I'm all good with a bit of competition but this has broken an agreement that was in place and put us in the situation where we would have to wait until the end of May and then local authorities could implement changes on aspects of the show.

I'm sorry but myself and the team at Weekend at Jays will not take your hard earned cash and then all of a sudden say we can't do this or we can't do that.

We do not work like that, we will not take your money for half a show.

So that leaves us here, for anyone who has booked already we will be refunding everyone from the start of next week. If you would like to, you can move your booking to one of our other events -

BHP Show Kent May 1st


BHP Fuel Fest Devon June 11th

If you do wish to transfer please contact us below.

I'm gutted to lose the event for 2023 but I won't do an event if I don't think is good enough for you guys.

We will be back, we have found a new venue but this will be 2024. Thank you to all that came to the 2022 event but like Arnie 'we will be back'

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